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how & what we teach you?

This is our opportunity to describe the different class content/syllabus we offer. Here's an example of a format we use, on our beginners nights.

warm up. 

our warm up is usually a circuit of the gym,using all the hanging bags,pads,ropes and running & rowing machines. getting the muscles working and filling them with oxygen to help minimise the risk of pulled or dammaged muscles and ligaments.
as soon as this has warmed you up, we then move to stage two.


it is most important that after the warm up,we stretch all the major muscle groups, this minimises the risk of cramps,and muscle dammage.
we have numerous ways to stretch you out, including partner work and stretching routines.

kickboxing instruction.



Once we have completed the above, we then start to teach you the moves, footwork, hand craft, speed, ballance etc.WE  start with the basics, boxing, kicking drills.
there is so much to learn, and we try to do this at your own pace, emphasis is placed on safety, and all partner work is closely monitored.
it takes time, hard work, and it takes commitment, without this commitment you will not progress? kickboxing is a hard sport, and it requires hard work? if you put in this hard work, the results can be seen very quickly indeed.
we also have a great deal of fun, its not all hard work and no play? for the juniors we have the RUMBLE? this is the time when the instructor takes on all of the juniors, at one go! a sort of last man standing event?
absolutely anyone will benefit from kickboxing training, general fitness will improve, and self belief, confidence, and a  feeling of well being will be achieved.
Ladies especially like these classes and to date, we have managed to get two of them to blackbelt grade, and one to brown, Only two male students have gained this senior level.


white belt

we have a full grading syllabus wich takes you from beginner to black belt (& beyond).
there are initialy six grades to our system, yellow, green, blue, red, brown, and black.
all grades have minimum times of training before you can move on, & a  blackbelt can be gained within two years, if you are prepared to work hard, grades in our club have to be gained not given.
our system is effective and modern in its application, no katas, no gimmicks, just good, sound, effective teqniques.
dicipline and respect are our guidline,respect for each other and for all people?
codes wich are sadly lacking in todays world.

black belt
instructor grade

For more information call: 07787 952543